Big Nick Energy

 2023-11-20 02:32:22     English Books    comments   11 views
Tác giảLani Lynn Vale
Nhà xuất bảnDixie Wardens, INC
Ngày phát hành12/19/2023
Loại bìaeBook

Big Nick Energy is a compilation of works that I’ve written as companion pieces to already published novels.

Get updates on your favorite couples during COVID-19. These stories were written in the very first weeks of the Covid-19 Pandemic. You’ll see some of your favorite couples as they navigate that time period. They’re coping mechanism to being locked down can be kind of...flamboyant.

Somethin’ About That Boy: You’ll get some of the ’rest of the story’ from Banner and Perry’s new life together far away from their family and friends. But don’t worry, big, rich and famous Slone and Titus make appearances in their update. You’ll also get the story between Blue and Titus that you’ve been waiting for in Titus’ very own short story.

The final ’extra’ is a short story about a couple from my Welcome to the Circus series featuring an unlikely pair. Cristoff, introduced to you in the first book in that series, Fun House, and a brand new to you character that just wants to celebrate the Christmas holiday in peace. But when have my characters ever had any ’peace’ without a little work first?