In the Clear Moonlit Dusk 6

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Tác giảMika Yamamori
Nhà xuất bảnKodansha International
Ngày phát hành12/19/2023
Loại bìaPaperback
Số trang160
Kích thước5.77(w) x 8.19(h) x 0.51(d)
SeriesIn the Clear Moonlit Dusk , #6

"Prince" meets prince in this offbeat high school romance, where two picture-perfect teens must see past appearances to understand what being in love really means. Don’t miss out on another unique offering from the author of Daytime Shooting Star, perfect for fans of Horimiya and Ouran High School Host Club.

Though the trial period is over, Yoi and Ichimura-sempai realize that navigating their new relationship will be no easy task. Their friend trip to Kobe reveals they still have a lot of work to do when it comes to being able to voice their own desires while being understanding of their partner’s. Meanwhile, Yoi’s fellow part-timer Ohji has something on his mind that he may not be able to hold in much longer…

About the Author

Mika Yamamori’s past works include Sugars and Tsubaki-cho Lonely Planet. Yamamori is best known for Daytime Shooting Star, which has been adapted into several languages worldwide.