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Dare to Un-Lead : The Art of Relational Leadership in a Fragmented World

 2022-06-23 02:14:10     English Books    comments   12 views
Tác giảCeline Schillinger
Nhà xuất bảnFigure 1 Publishing
Ngày phát hành21 Jun 2022
Loại bìaHardback
Số trang320 pages
Cân nặng544.31g
Kích thước152x228x33.02mm

A transformational book for trying times, Dare to Un-Lead will challenge the way you think and feel about the role of leadership in your life.

What is revered as leadership today is often nothing more than a destructive set of obsolete behaviors and systems evolved from the centuries-old industrial theories popularized by Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford. This mode of leadership harms individuals and societies and must be reinvented to better reflect the way we live, trade, and work in the 21st century.

Dare to Un-Lead explores how contemporary organizations can transform leadership from a top-down hegemony to one that empowers people to lead together through the concepts of liberty, equality, and community.

Kotter affiliate and global engagement leadership specialist Celine Schillinger combines her experience enacting digital-enabled, people-focused collective work practices in global corporate structures with a deep analysis of leadership-studied through multiple lenses and timely sources of knowledge-to provide original insights into why these practices work.

The result is a series of evidence-based approaches for reinventing collective performance across organizations in a post-pandemic world.

From large corporations to small businesses, the lessons learned in this landmark book, implemented individually and collectively over time, will make our workplaces more equal, our jobs more gratifying, and our economies more profitable. And that will make the world a better place.

Review quote

"Sweeping and intelligent, this book is an extraordinary contribution, deeply researched and penetratingly insightful. Celine Schillinger puts broad societal trends into historical perspective to explain the present moment. She explains what’s at stake for the world and why it’s urgent that we act now."-Amy Edmondson, Professor, Harvard Business School and best-selling author of The Fearless Organization and Teaming

"With Dare to Un-Lead, Celine Schillinger masterfully captures the essence of the leadership revolution to come in a post-knowledge, post-disruption economy."

-Brice Challamel, Vice-President, Technology, Innovation & Transformation at Moderna

"I was designing a leadership program for Walmart. Celine Schillinger opened my eyes. I now see leadership as unleashing the power and potential of millions of people."

-James Cameron CBE, Vice President of Global Leadership Development at Walmart

"Celine Schillinger drove a successful movement for safer vaccines, leveraging 4,000 volunteers, inside of pharmaceutical giant Sanofi. How’d she do it? Through informal power, through relationships, and by daring to un-lead. Read, reflect, and learn."

-Whitney Johnson, Top #10 Management Thinkers, Thinkers50, LinkedIn Top Voice 2020, bestselling author, Disrupt Yourself

"Traditional leadership theory promotes a set of restrictive and hierarchical rules. Through a sharp analysis of world events and a generous dose of personal stories, Celine Schillinger demonstrates how this structure is not only outdated and self-serving, but it is ultimately dangerous and self-destructing. Dare to Un-Lead is an invitation to ’rock the boat’ without capsizing it. It is also a call to aspiring leaders. The time has come to take on the role of steward of change by creating a safe room for fraternity, community, and agency."

-Eliana Castillo, Head of Finance, M&A, Integration, Transformation at Twilio Inc.

"Compelling and inspirational, Celine Schillinger’s ideas on leadership show us that stepping back with humility so that our teams can freely ideate and innovate is the way to thrive in our rapidly emerging new world."

-David Ford, Chief Human Resources Officer at Intercept Pharmaceuticals

"Celine Schillinger has written an insightful and timely synthesis of people-centered change principles, enabled by technology, powered by ’Un-Leadership.’ Impactful."

-Rick Western, CEO, Kotter

"It takes courage to Un-Lead, but it is totally worth it. The paths identified by Celine Schillinger are not just attractive ideas, they dramatically increase people’s engagement at work and the velocity of change in our organizations. A highly valuable read."

-Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO, Lufthansa Cargo

"Brave and of breathtakingly vast scope, the emancipatory ideas offered in Dare to Un-Lead deserve to be read by all."

-Stowe Boyd, Managing Director & Founder, Work Futures

"It was when I started to Un-Lead that my team became motivated, engaged, and delivered beyond expectations. We can waste time pleasing the top management, or we can learn about authentic leadership instead: Celine Schillinger offers brilliant pathways in that regard. Realize the future of leadership now, from this smart and passionate book!"

-Zsuzsanna Devecseri, Vice President, Head of Global Oncology Medical Affairs at Sanofi Genzyme

"Dare to Un-Lead is an opus on the origins and possible solutions for the world’s current issues through the lens of leadership. Bringing together wisdom from an amazing array of writers, Celine Schillinger crafts a clear message that without inclusivity, respect and dignity, we will not succeed."

-Anita Burrell, Chair, Global Committee Council at Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

"Celine Schillinger takes aim at the flaws of traditional management and does not miss. With a depth of hard-won experience in creating change internationally, she reveals how to bring forth change, agency, and engagement by combining the power of networks and community with new models of leadership to foster liberty, equality and fraternity at work."

-Simon Terry, Chief Growth Officer, InLoop, & Change Agent at Change Agents Worldwide

"This is the book you read when you’re done with the formulaic could-have-been-an-article change management and change-adjacent books. It’s not an instruction manual, nor is it a success story. It doesn’t really have lists to speak of, no models, no frameworks. It doesn’t need them. . . . Celine has done a great service to experienced change practitioners all over the world by writing this book. . . . I expected to read about leadership and I did, but this book is really about the immense power of community and the complex task that is change."

-Gilbert Kruidenier, Consultant, Purpose At Work

About Celine Schillinger

Celine Schillinger is an award-winning entrepreneur, change agent, and consultant. She has over 30 years of field experience, working with both small and global organizations across several continents. A solid track record on transformation informs Celine’s vision of change, engagement, and leadership. A blogger since 2013 and an acclaimed public speaker, she was knighted in 2017 in her native France for her workplace change efforts.