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Fourier Meets Hilbert and Riesz : An Introduction to the Corresponding Transforms

 2022-08-06 02:14:26     English Books    comments   9 views
Tác giảRene Erlin Castillo
Nhà xuất bảnde Gruyter
Ngày phát hành01 Aug 2022
Loại bìaHardback
Số trang306 pages
Cân nặng625g
Kích thước170x240x19.05mm

This book provides an introduction into the modern theory of classical harmonic analysis, dealing with Fourier analysis and the most elementary singular integral operators, the Hilbert transform and Riesz transforms. Ideal for self-study or a one semester course in Fourier analysis, included are detailed examples and exercises.

About Rene Erlin Castillo

Rene Erlin Castillo, Nationale U of Colombia, Colombia