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Our Broken Brains : The Human Condition: A Social-Emotional Guide to Heal Trauma

 2022-09-29 02:14:12     English Books    comments   3 views
Tác giảDr Denizela Dorsey
Nhà xuất bảnXulon Press
Ngày phát hành03 Sep 2022
Loại bìaPaperback
Số trang152 pages
Cân nặng376g
Kích thước216x216x10mm

Trauma, the nation’s epidemic, and mainstream culture’s hot topic. Our Broken Brains: The Human Condition highlights modern-day trauma therapy alongside real-life stories of the complexities of psychological trauma. Within a traumatic experience, the human brain becomes physiologically damaged, leaving one underdeveloped, bruised, hijacked, and deficient, creating a hostile mental pathology to future events. Subsequently, humanity can no longer trust itself. Regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation, anyone may have sagas that create a broken brain or an impaired mental state. Within a broken brain, our brain and body connections collapse, and our responses result in an emotional tempest of spiraling mental health, pervasive feelings of shame, overcompensation, avoidance, and destructive behaviors. Mentally recreating or dismissing painful events manipulates the brain’s senses, causing the person to become emotionally sidelined. Therefore, living in painful episodes of the past. Broken brains create personal mental deficiencies while decreasing individual productivity and escalating poor social patterns. Unfortunately, too many have learned to function daily with trauma’s brokenness. Overcoming brokenness requires building a healthy social and emotional ecosystem while increasing emotional intelligence to develop and reconstruct each integral part of life. This book will guide you to heal from traumas’ brokenness and expand your mission of constructing a healthy self and space for wholeness and wellness.